Successful milestones

  • De- and recellularization of a blood vessel (a vein without valves) using bone-marrow stem cells


  • Developing solutions and media needed to facilitate the de- and recellularization process


  • Adaptation of the de-/recellularization technique to veins with valves


  • Development of a refined procedure for recellularizing blood vessels, which is now ready for scale up in a regulatory correct environment (GMP)


  • Development of a technique for isolation of stem cells from peripheral whole blood


  • Successful transplantation of tissue engineered blood vessels to 3 pedriatric patients


Future milestones

  • Further development of the technique of using peripheral blood stem cells


  • Applying the technology to develop also tissue-engineered arteries


  • GMP accreditation of the production of media and solutions for the de- and recellularization of blood vessels


  • GMP accreditation of the process for developing recellularized blood vessels


  • Performing a clinical study with Personalized Tissue Engineered Veins (P-TEV)


  • Establishing a regulatory roadmap


  • Scaling production of tissue-engineered veins and arteries
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