NovaHep’s main focus of today is the development of so-called “tissue-engineered vascular grafts”, which implies developing blood vessels (which could be veins or arteries) that can be used to replace non-functioning blood vessels in patients with different types of vascular disease. What is unique and ground-breaking in the solution provided by NovaHep is that the vessels provided are engineered on an individualized basis, which implies that the vessels are engineered to fully replicate the patients’ own biological e.g. veins or arteries. The advantages by such customization are that patients will avoid the complications and adverse consequences of traditional treatments, the NovaHep solution hence implying generally improved quality of life .


Complications and adverse consequences are characterized by the need for repetitive surgery if e.g. synthetic, thrombogenic material is transplanted into the patient (short life-span of the synthetic vessel) or by the need for life-long drugs if e.g. a vessel from a donor is directly used, as the patient whom the organ is transplanted into will experience that his or her body will naturally try to reject the transplanted organ. Curbing such rejection with immunosuppressive drugs, however typically implies severe side effects of infections and the damaging of vital organs like livers, lungs, kidneys etc. Furthermore, using such life-long drugs is typically associated with a higher risk for developing cancer. The application of NovaHep’s technology provides for a much improved alternative to additional treatments, as these complications and adverse consequences are avoided. Transplanting into patients biological vessels made up of the patient’s own cells allow for the body of the patient to treat such vessels as were they the patient’s own.

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